Church Cafe – Sanson

Church Cafe –

Reviewed by Karen, January 2018

The Place:

Church cafe in Sanson is a quaint place with atmosphere and basic, good food.  There is lots of cabinet food, vegetarian, gluten-free and a blackboard menu.  This no frills cafe has indoor and outdoor seating.

The Service:

The service was okay.

The Presentation:

The Bene was basic with emphasis on the volume rather than the appearance.  The sprinkling of parsley and tomato added some much needed colour and oomph to the dish.

  • The Benedict – was not the best Bene I’ve ever had but certainly is not the worst.
  • The Eggs – were cooked just right.
  • The Bacon – was cheap, budget, pressed bacon which never thrills me.
  • The Hollandaise – was straight out of the bottle, or looked and tasted it anyway.
  • The Bread – was hard to cut through.

 Would We Go Again?

It was okay but probably not.


Style: 5/10 – Classic.

Taste: 4/10 – nothing too exciting here.

Originality: 4/10 – nothing original here.  It was nice to see the tomato come as part of the dish.

Value: 9/10 – for $15.50 you could hardly complain.

Eggs: 7/10 – were the best part of the dish.

Overall score: 5/10 – not the greatest I’ve had.

38 Dundas Rd, Sanson 4817

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