Cafe Polo – Miramar, Wellington

Cafe Polo –

Reviewed by FiFi, February 2018

The Place:

This cafe tucked away in the burbs that is trying a wee bit too hard to be trendy has little street appeal and the furniture and decor is tired and in need of some TLC.  There is some shoddy looking outdoor seating and plenty of indoor seating.    The music was too loud and although this is a licensed premises we found it rather odd that one of the staff was downing beers in between speaking with customers who it was obvious they knew.  There wasn’t a lot of cabinet food.  Just a few slices, sausage rolls and cupcakes in the sparsely filled cabinets.  There is a kids menu, a great blackboard menu, vegetarian, gluten-free, and free range options such as the eggs and bacon.  Sides range from $1.50 to $9.  There were 4 bene options that all came with free-range eggs, home made muffins and hollandaise.  The Benedict (either ham off the bone or free range smoked bacon); Florentine (spinach); and Montreal (salmon steak).

The Service:

The service was pretty bad.  We arrived just before 2 and instead of greeting us with a hello the waitress let us knoe that they stop serving at 3pm.

The Presentation:

The earthy, pottery plate gave the dish a bit f authenticity.  What was missing was a splash of green.  Overall the dish lacked substance.

  • The Montreal – overall was really disappointing.
  • The Eggs – one was perfect, runny and warm.  The other was slightly over cooked.
  • The Salmon – the thick, chunky salmon steak was the best part of the dish.  The fish was smokey and flavoursome.
  • The Hash browns – were overcooked, dry and bland.
  • The Hollandaise – was rich and creamy.  I would have preferred a tiny bit more to soak up the muffins.
  • The muffins – the home-made muffins were a first for me.  They were thick and fluffy but slightly doughy.

 Would We Go Again?

No.  The service, or lack of really put us off.


Style: 5/10 – Classic with home made muffins.

Taste: 5/10 – the meal was ok.

Originality: 6/10 – it was nice to see that you could chose from either bacon or ham.

Value: 710 – The Benedict and Florentine were $16.50 and the Montreal was $17.50.

Eggs: 5/10

Overall score: 5/10

Cnr Rotheram Terrace and Para Street, Miramar, Wellington

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