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Reviewed by FiFi, December 2017

The Place:
This trendy looking cafe had high ceilings that gave the place an open spacious feel, vibrant furniture and funky artwork adorning the walls.  Everything about this place oozed appeal and chic.   There is some lovely cabinet food to chose from as well as a really appetising menu.  There is also gluten-free, Vegan and vegetarian options……and coffee connoisseurs need look no more!  There was only on ‘bene’ on the menu and it was slow braised duck.  In saying this you could build your own Benedict (bacon) or Montreal (salmon).  Extras ranged from $4 to $6 which is pretty standard.

The Service:
You could not fault the service.  The staff knew the menu well and answered our questions knowingly. We dined with quite a large group and all our meals came out within minutes of each other.

The Presentation:
The Montreal looked presentable but I prefer the layered look with the hollandaise drizzled on the eggs.  The matt black crockery dish mixed with the various colours of the food added appeal.  The duck layering looked amazing with the peppered hollandaise gently flowing over the eggs which was on top of the kale.

  • The Montreal and Duck Leg Benedict – we both enjoyed our meals.  They were flavoursome and delicious.
  • The Eggs – were free-range, full flavoured, but most importantly they were warm and runny.
  • The Duck – was rich in full-bodied but was ever so slightly stringy and dry.
  • The Salmon – the thick chunks of salmon melted in my mouth.
  • The Avocado – the sliced avocado tasted slightly nutty and had a creamy texture.
  • The Kale – was perfectly sautéed.  It tasted fresh and earthy.
  • The Hollandaise – the rich, buttery sauce had a smooth creamy texture.  I would have preferred mine on top of my eggs.  Nigels had pink peppercorns on it which gave it a wee kick and some funky colour.
  • The Bread – was lightly brush with butter and the bread had a nice crunch to it.  There was a wee bit too much but that was only because the portion size of the meal was generous.

Would We Go Again?
I would love to go again to try the Slow braised duck leg Benedict.

Style: 7/10 – Classic Montreal.  Duck Benedict was very different option.

Taste: 8/10 – overall the flavours, ingredients and textures were executed to a high standard.

Originality: 10/10 – huge points for  the Duck option and also to enable patrons to build their own .

Value: 5/10 – this place was not on the cheap side, but it was free-range meat and eggs and good quality food.  Nigels (Duck) was $22 and mine was $27 ($22 for the Montreal and $5 for the avocado).

Eggs: 8/10

Overall score: 8/10

119 Dixon St, Te Aro, Wellington 6011

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