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IMG_0051.jpgTwo Grey Bar and Brasserie –

Reviewed by FiFi, December 2017

The Place:

The new owners / managers have transformed this once tired-looking Cobb and Co ’type’ bar into a fresh modern oasis of style and modern chic.  It’s hard to believe it is the same premises.  There is seating inside and tables outside.  There is an extensive breakfast, lunch or dinner menu to chose from.  They offer vegetarian and gluten free options. The only menu option that vaguely resembled my beloved Montreal (salmon) was the was Greens, Eggs and Ham.  This comprised of English Muffins, braised ham hock, wilted greens and cider hollandaise and was priced at $18.  I asked if I could substitute the ham for salmon and add a hash brown.  Not a problem was the answer.  Our waitress also mentioned that we could substitute the ham hock for bacon if we wanted to.  Sides ranged from $3 to $7.50.

The Service:

Our waitress exuded customer service to the point I wanted to offer her a job on the spot.  After combing the menu we declared that we were ‘those people’ as we wanted to build our own version of the menu.

The Presentation:

Our meals both looked enticing.  The buttery coloured hollandaise against the greenery combined with the drizzle of balsamic reduction finished the overall appeal of the Benedict.   The Montreal looked a bit dull in comparison.  It just did not look as pretty.

  • The Benedict and Montreal – our meals tasted as beautiful as they looked.
  • The Eggs – were runny and warm.
  • The Ham – the braised ham hock was tender, salty and tasty.
  • The Salmon – the generous serving of smoked salmon melted in my mouth.
  • The Hashbrown – was overcooked, hard and tasteless.
  • The Spinach – the ample proportion of softly wilted spinach had a lovely slightly bitter flavour to it.
  • The Hollandaise – the freshly made sauce was creamy, buttery and rich in flavour.  We both felt that there was not enough.
  • The Muffins – were toasted well.

 Would We Go Again?

Yes we would.  We would love to try out the dinner menu as well.


Style: 6/10 – Classic.

Taste: 8/10 – the hollandaise was amazing and the flavour infusion lifted the dish up a notch.

Originality: 8/10 – we liked the braised ham hock option.

Value: 6/10 – the price was slightly more expensive than average.

Eggs: 8/10 – tasted fresh and were cooked perfectly for a Bene.

Overall score: 7/10

2 Grey Street, Wellington 6011

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