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Reviewed by FiFi, January 2018

The Place:

This quaint cafe is so close to the mall you can almost see the sale signs, yet far enough away to relax and enjoy without the hustle and bustle of the crowds.  There are plenty of indoor tables and a few outside.    There is soft music playing in the background of this family friendly, little hidden treasure.  The delectable, decadent cabinet food left me torn whether to venture out of my comfort zone or (let’s be real) order my favourite.  I chose the latter.  They have gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan and organic options.  There were three bene options to chose from.  The Benedict (bacon), the Montreal (salmon) and the Florentine (spinach).

The Service:

We were greeted by the owner Sue as we entered the empty cafe (it did not stay empty for the long BTW).  She was bubbly and welcomed us like we were part of the family.  She explained to us that we basically had all the kitchen staff and wait staff ready to deliver us anything our hearts desired.  Our meals came out at lightening speed and was hot and mouth watering.

The Presentation:

The chef layered and spaced the meals like a pro.  The capers added a salty, tangy look and taste whilst the finely chopped greenery added some colour and zest to the plate.

  • The Benedict and Montreal – our meals were great and the service was impeccable.
  • The Eggs – were warm and runny.
  • The Bacon – was smoky and crispy and the quantity was generous.
  • The Salmon – was slightly salty and smoky and the proportion was filling.
  • The Hashbrowns – were crunchy, hot and tasty.
  • The Hollandaise – was drizzled onto the the dish like an art form.  The proportion was just right and the thick, creamy hollandaise did not overpower the rest of the flavour combinations.
  • The Bread – the sourdough was cooked to perfection.  There was just the right amount of crunch.

 Would We Go Again?

Yes we would.  The service was top notch and the food was seriously delicious.


Style: 7/10 – Classic.

Taste: 9/10 – the meals were simply amazing.

Originality: 7/10 – we liked the capers and

Value: 8/10 – all three options were $17.50.  The sides were quite reasonable and ranged from $3 to $5.  My side of hash browns was $5 for 3.

Eggs: 9/10 – were cooked perfectly.

Overall score: 8/10

2 Waterloo Rd, Wellington 5010

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