Buzz Cafe & Restaurant – Lower Hutt

Buzz Cafe & Restaurant –

Reviewed by FiFi, January 2018

The Place:
This is a classic case of not judging the book by the cover.  The outside with a couple of chairs and tables was uninviting and quite deceiving and we could have easily have carried on.  We opened the doors and were delighted with what we saw.  Excuse the pun…..but it was buzzing inside.  The trendy, hip looking cafe had art on the walls, of which some were for sale,  there was a definite vibe and a bustling of activity and conversations with the packed cafe.  There was soft music playing in the background and there was an absolute funkiness bout the place.  We thought this cafe would also suit being located in Petone in amongst the multitude of trendy, funky eateries.  There was plenty of cabinet food as well as several menus to chose from including a kids menu, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free.

The Service:
We were greeted warmly as we entered the cafe and seated within minutes.  The waiter (I think he  may have been the owner or manager) was bubbly and welcoming and answered our questions.  The rest of the staff smiled every time they approached us with our drinks and food.  They were engaging and oozed customer service.

The Presentation:
The upscale presented dish looked mouth-watering.  The swirl of balsamic reduction coupled with the colour of the avocado (an extra side that I ordered) gave the dish some richness and depth.

  • The Montreal – overall this was simply delightful to eat with richness in the flavour combinations.
  • The Eggs – tasted great but were overdone and not runny and let the dish down.
  • The Avocado – was fresh and naturally flavourful.
  • The Salmon – was delectable.  It had a very smoky, full flavour.
  • The Rosti – was palate-pleasing, lightly seasoned with a slight crispness to it.
  • The Spinach – just the right amount and it was not wilted.
  • The Hollandaise – tasted freshly made and melted in your mouth.   The light and buttery sauce was perfectly proportioned for the dish.

Would We Go Again?

Yes.  I would like to try some of the other menu options or possibly for dinner.

Style: 7/10 – Classic with a slight twist (rosti) and automatically came with spinach.

Taste: 9/10 – Overall I found the meal very satisfying.

Originality: 7/10 – It was great the the Montreal automatically came with spinach and I liked the choice of either a rosti or muffins.

Value: 7/10 – All 3 options were $18.50.  Traditional Benedict (bacon) or Florentine (spinach) with salmon and a choice of either english muffin or rosti.  The sides were all $5 which is about average for extras.

Eggs: 4/10 – they looked and tasted great, just a shame they were overcooked (they were not runny).

Overall score: 7/10

101 High St, Lower Hutt 5010

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