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IMG_0214-2.jpgBlue Orange Cafe –

Reviewed by FiFi – January 2018

The Place:

This cafe is nestled in the heart of a garden centre that is truly a gardeners paradise.  The outlook is a visual symphony where you are surrounded by plants and garden ornaments.  The cafe offers some appetising cabinet food and a great blackboard menu.  There is seating inside or covered outdoor seating under the canopies.

The Service:

The service when we ordered our meals was good and the waitress immediately let us know that there was a 30 minute wait.  However, this was when the service took a nose-dive.  There was no salt and pepper on our table and none up at the counter so we asked a nearby table for theirs.  When our coffees arrived they had run out of milk jugs and we had to ask for cutlery…..and when it arrived there was not enough for all of us.  One meal came out after 40 minutes and after waiting for a further ten minutes we waved down a waiter and asked when we could expect our other two meals.  After five minutes our child’s meal turned up and we could see them just starting to make mine.  So we never actually got to eat our meals together.  There was no apology.  This experience has tainted the likelihood of us ever returning or recommending this as a place to dine.

The Presentation:

The layering looked professional and like a lot of effort or practice has gone into it.  The heavy charcoal plates contrasted nicely against the creamy yellow sauce and colours of the bacon and salmon.  The splash of green colour poking out from the spinach added some zest to the dish.

  • The Benedict and Montreal – both our meals tasted so yummy.
  • The Eggs – were free-range, runny and warm.  They tasted delicious.
  • The Bacon – was smoky and streaky and tasted perfect.  There was just the right amount on the plate.
  • The Salmon – was divine.  The chunky, rich, crumbly salmon steak was plentiful and tasted exquisite.
  • The Hashbrowns – were hot and crispy and had substance and flavour.
  • The Spinach – was wilted beautifully and there was enough to satisfy the tastebuds.
  • The Hollandaise – was mouth-watering and homemade.  It was tangy and tasty and just the right amount.

 Would We Go Again?

Absolutely not to the cafe.  Just no because of the experience with the service (which is a shame because the food tasted terrific).  But I would return to the garden centre.


Style: 7/10 – Classic with a slight twist.  We liked the way the meals automatically came with spinach an d hash browns (and no bread).

Taste: 8/10 – the meals tasted divine.

Originality: 6/10 – these are

Value: 5/10 – $19 for the Montreal (salmon) and $18 for the Benedict (bacon) seemed quite steep.

Eggs: 7/10 – the eggs were pretty spot on.

Overall score: 6/10

316 Waiwhetu Rd, Fairfield, Lower Hutt 5011

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