Matterhorn – Te Aro, Wellington

Matterhorn –

Reviewed by FiFi, July 2016

The Place:

Situated in the iconic Cuba Street the Matterhorn was first established as a Swiss coffee house way back in 1963.  It has since transformed itself into one of Wellingtons famous entertainment, eating and watering spot.   To get to it (and frankly its easy to miss if you don’t know where to look) you walk up a long corridor and through swings doors into a surprisingly modern, yet secluded oasis.  There is plenty of classy, modern and private seating inside or a large courtyard outside.  There is a beautiful menu to chose from with mouth watering descriptions and the flight coffee is rich in flavour and aroma.  There wasn’t a Montreal (salmon) option on the menu, however I was able to substitute the bacon for salmon.  The Matterhorn Benny priced at $19 consisted of brioche, dry cured Waikanae bacon (I substituted the bacon for salmon), sautéed greens, hollandaise and eggs.   The sides ranged between $5 and $6 which is on the slightly steeper side.

The Service:

The service has always been fast and friendly and today was no different.  The wait staff were friendly and chatty and had no issue with me substituting the bacon for salmon.

The Presentation:

The earthen, pottery plate gave the dish an authentic appeal.  The chef showcased the fresh, artisan ingredients by carefully layering them.  What would have made the overall appearance more aesthetically pleasing would have been if they had covered the second egg with more hollandaise to disguise its imperfection.

  • The Montreal – the flavour infusion tantalised my tastebuds.
  • The Eggs – were free-range and had depth in the flavour.  One was silky smooth, whilst the other was still runny and warm but the white had spread a wee bit and didn’t look as appealing.
  • The Salmon – was slightly oily and smoky in taste and there was ample to satisfy my appetite.
  • The Spinach – was sautéed perfectly and had a faint bitterness to it.  Just perfect!
  • The Hollandaise – was velvety and buttery and melted in your mouth.
  • The Bread – the brioche was light,  sweet and had a slightly tender crumb consistency to it.

 Would We Go Again?

Absolutely.  The food is delicious, the atmosphere is amazing and the variety of drinks is mind boggling.


Style: 7/10 – Classic with a slight twist (includes spinach which kind of makes it a Florentine).

Taste: 8/10 – was full of flavour and textures.

Originality: 8/10 – I liked brioche and it was great that you could snap the bacon for salmon.

Value: 5/10 – $19 seemed a bit steep, however it did include spinach which is usually an added extra.  Sides were $5-$6.

Eggs: 6/10 – were scrumptious.

Overall score: 7/10

106 Cuba St, Te Aro, Wellington 6011

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