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Reviewed by Karen, June 2016

The Place:

What a lovely place to eat. There is plenty of seating indoors and outdoors.  As you can see by the quantity of food we certainly did not walk away hungry.  There was cabinet food as well as ample to choose from in the  variedmenu.  They had some flavoursome alternatives such as chilli scrambled eggs.  The sides ranged between $5-$6.

The Service:

The service and speed of this place was excellent.

The Presentation:

The food was not decoratively plated but the pile up worked and having the bacon on top was different.

  • The Benedict  – Overall we thought this place was a treat in terms of value for money.  You had a choice of streaky bacon or house-cured salmon
  • The Eggs – The free-range eggs were done perfectly.
  • The Bacon – Good quantity of bacon and it had a lovely smokey flavour
  • The Potato Rosti – were delicious and worth every penny but really not needed with the size of the meal.  It was accompanied by homemade tomato chutney which added a nice touch and some colour to the plate.
  • The Spinach – love that this dish came with spinach and for the quantity it was a good  price.  The spinach was big leafy green spinach and wilted just right too.
  • The Hollandaise – the quantity was ample and the flavour was good.  Although I was undecided about whether the hollandaise was homemade or not, the menu stated it was.
  • The Bagel – not sure whether I liked the bagel as the base.  It was something a bit different but overall a bit too much bread.

 Would We Go Again?

Yes I did and although I scoured the menu to try something different I had the bene again!


Style: 7/10 – Looked homemade.  Very classic bene with the spinach included in the price

Taste: 8/10 – hearty homemade taste and feel

Originality: 710 – came with spinach included and also with a bagel

Value: 9/10 – large meals and great value at $16.50

Eggs: 9/10 – The eggs were done perfectly and were free-range..

Overall score: 8/10

70e Grand Drive, Orewa, Orewa, Auckland 0931

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