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Karaka Cafe – http://www.karakacafe.com/

Reviewed by Karen, June 2016

The Place:

Nothing beats Wellington on a good day and this cafe is ideally suited to be able to enjoy Wellington on one such good day with friends over a long weekend.  Blue sky, sunny winters day with good food, and it was good food.  A bilingual menu reveals five Bene options with an authentic Pacific / Kiwiana flavour.  The menu options all sound homemade and divine.  They also offer gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian.  There is outdoor and indoor seating but LOADS of it so maybe not the best place to come if you are in a hurry.  The music playing in the background added a good cultural ambience by including a waiata and local songs.

The Service:

Service was utterly friendly, warm and efficient but not speedy due to the number of customers to be served.  On a laid-back weekend this was no issue for us but might be for someone else if they are in a rush.  We were also impressed with how staff attended to the seating position of customers to ensure a safe family / whanau experience, separating families with children from the more rowdy drinkers and eaters.

The Presentation:

Sprinkles of parsley on top of the eggs just finished the home grown look of this dish.

  • The Benedict and Montreal – tasted fantastic and the portion size was very generous.
  • The Eggs – the free-range eggs were done just right – sunny and runny.
  • The Bacon – great serve of bacon with about four rashers.
  • The salmon – was good.
  • The Spinach – there was plenty of spinach, although it must be noted that this side did cost an extra $5.
  • The Hollandaise – good flavoured hollandaise.
  • The Hangi Hash – the non-traditional hash – chunks of potato, carrot and kumara cooked well with that family smoky, hangi flavour.  I loved this!

Would We Go Again?

I would definitely be back but would pick another sunny day when I could enjoy sitting outside and when I had no timetable to work to.  My only tip might be that it would be great to have staff serve in Te Reo Maori however it is possible they did not do so because we were at a table of Pakeha customers.


Style: 6/10 – Classic

Taste: 7/10 – The meal was great

Originality: 9/10 – There are five choices.  Florentine (spinach), Benedict (bacon), Pacific (corned beef), Maori (smoked fish) and Royale (house cured-salmon)

Value: 7/10 – The benes ranged from $16 to $18.  The sides range from $3 to $6, my side of spinach was $5.  The prices seemed reasonable for the quantity and quality, but still not the cheapest that I have dined

Eggs: 8/10

Overall score: 8/10

2 Taranaki Street, Wellington, 6011

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