Essence Cafe and Bar – Fielding

Essence Cafe and Bar –

Reviewed by Karen – January 2016

The Place:

This is a great place to dine.  You can order gluten free, dairy free, blackboard menu with a huge range in scrumptious options, fresh fish, salads, pasta, burgers, salads, from the kids menu and more.  You can even come here for High Tea. You can dine inside or there are tables outside as well.  This is my second visit here as the first time I ate my meal before realising I had not taken the all important photo!

The Service:

Friendly staff, service was not speedy but they were busy and only had two staff on.  With this in mind, their friendliness and willing service meant that the wait did not seem to be an issue.

The Presentation:

Plating up gave this a touch of class and I had no issues with this standard Bene.  The balsamic reduction and sliced spring onion made the dish.

  • The Benedict  – looked and tasted delicious.
  • The Eggs – cooked just how I like them – runny and warm.
  • The Bacon – had a smoky flavour.
  • The Spinach – loved that the spinach was part of the meal and not an added extra.
  • The Hollandaise – this looks like bottled hollandaise.
  • The Muffins – were fine.

Would we go again?

This is my second visit here as the first time I ate my meal before realising I had not taken the all important photo!  Was it good?  YES, and I clearly went back.


Style: Classic 6/10.

Taste: 7/10. The meal was great.

Originality: 7/10 – Their bene automatically comes with spinach.  They also have the hash stack which is a variation to the bene with potato rosti stacked with grilled tomato, spinach, bacon, egg and hollandaise for $18.50.

Value: 9/10. $15.50 will get you two soft boiled eggs, wilted spinach, muffins and hollandaise and a choice of either bacon or salmon.  This is pretty good value for money!  I could not see the Hash Brown as a side option, but considering they have these with the big breakfast, in hindsight I could have asked for one.

Eggs: (how good they were): 7/10.

Overall score: 7/10

Location: 46 Manchester Street, Feilding

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