Cafe 40 – Palmerston North

Cafe 40 –

Reviewed by Karen – January 2016

The Place:

This was a nice surprise.  Cafe 40 is a small wee cafe in Palmerston North’s cafe central.  There is seating inside with a few tables and chairs outside.  The options are made up of cabinet food and a blackboard menu.  I was also surprised and pleased to receive a good coffee.  You really can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

The Service:

The service was prompt and friendly.

The presentation:

The plating was okay, nothing flash.

  • The Benedict – good portion size although nothing flash.
  • The eggs – were good.
  • The bacon – good amount of bacon.
  • The spinach – was okay, slightly underdone to be called wilted spinach.
  • The hollandaise – homemade, and just the right amount.
  • The bread – slightly undercooked and cold.

Would we go again?

Wouldn’t rush back again necessarily, but no complaints.


Style: Classic 6/10.

Taste: 6/10. The meal was great.

Originality: 5/10 – Their bene automatically comes with tomato on the side.

Value: 5/10. $16 from memory which included tomato on the side, the spinach was extra.

Eggs: (how good they were): 6/10.

Overall score: 6.5/10

32 George Street, Palmerston North

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