Graeme’s – Palmerston North

Graeme’s –

Reviewed by Karen – October 2015

The Place:

This cafe has a large seating area both inside the cafe and outside in the mall. There is a huge amount of cabinet food, a blackboard menu and all day breakfast.   They also have gluten-free and vegetarian options.  The food is nothing fancy but for a quick eatable brunch while at the mall this was quite acceptable.

The Service:

The service was slow and dithery but the food arrived pretty quickly.

The presentation:

Nothing fancy about the plating but a nice wee surprise when it came out and included hash browns.  The lettuce, although it added colour and contrast to the dish, looked slightly out of place.

  • The Benedict – This was a basic ‘home-cooked’ style bene.
  • The eggs – were slightly overcooked for my liking.
  • The bacon – was the only option available (i.e. no Montreal option).  The serving size was plentiful.
  • The hash browns – came as part of the dish.  They were okay.
  • The hollandaise – not homemade and you can tell by its lack of full bodied lemony, creamy flavour.
  • The muffins – were okay.

Would we go again?

Would unlikely be back but I don’t think I was the target market of this place which seems more aimed at an older clientele if those present during my visit were any indication.  Would possibly return if I had my folks with me as I think they would feel comfortable there.


Style: Classic 5/10.

Taste: 5/10. The meal was great.

Originality: 5/10 – Their bene automatically comes with hash browns.  No Florentine or Montreal options.

Value: 5/10. $17

Eggs: (how good they were): 5/10.

Overall score: 5/10

Shop 87, The Plaza, Palmerston North

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