St. John’s Cafe – Wellington

St. John’s Cafe –

Reviewed by Fi Fi – June 2015

The Place:

Prior to being a Cafe the St John’s housed none other than ambulances.  In the eighties and nineties this place was a music venue and then finally on to a restaurant and cafe.  There is seating inside and outside including bean bags for those who really want to relax.  They have extensive wine and beer menus as well as food to cater for all culinary palettes. The food menu rivals the beverage menu with light food like a spring salad to steaks.  For the lunch menu there was the Eggs Benedict (with bacon) but no option for Salmon. There is also a kids menu with a few options, of which, two included a side of salad, oh and did I mention gluten free and vegetarian options?  The only wee moan I could say about this place is that they need to turn the music down just a tad so that you can enjoy brunching with friends over conversation.

The Service:

The service was okay, nothing special.

The presentation:

The food looked okay, again, nothing special.

  • The Benedict – Nothing spectacular, it was okay.
  • The eggs – were warm and runny.
  • The bacon – was okay, fairly budget.  Okay, just okay.
  • The hash browns – these were homemade, but in fact were on the bland side.
  • The sausage – again, okay, nothing special here.
  • The hollandaise – the sauce tasted on the bland side, and there was not enough of it.
  • The muffins – were okay.

Would we go again?

We would go back again but I would try out other dishes like the fish instead of the the bene.


Style: Classic 6/10.

Taste: 5/10. The meal was good, nothing special here.

Originality: 5/10 – Pretty average.

Value: 8/10. $14 for the Bene which is fairly cheap!  The sides ranged from $3 for mushies to $5 for a rocket salad.

Eggs: (how good they were): 5/10.

Overall score: 6/10

5 Cable Street, Central Wellington

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