Automat Cafe – Khandallah, Wellington

Automat Cafe –

Reviewed by Fi Fi – February 2015

The Place:

This place is fresh and funky.  You can dine inside or outside.  The menu ranges from cabinet food such as muffins to gourmet fine dining….such as crayfish, yum.  There are gluten free, vegetarian and children’s options (many of the menu options have smaller children sized portions).  Everything about the food here oozes urban culinary genius.  Even the buns and bread are baked on-site. There are weekend brunch specials and nightly specials…..and you can take-away literally everything on the menu.  The music is also not blearing like a lot of cafes….and they are licensed as well.

The Service:

I reckon all the staff have completed a customer service 101 course. or just genuinely enjoy customers.  They were friendly, attentive and chatty without being intrusive.  The staff knew the menu well and could cite details about lots of dishes without referring to menus etc.

The presentation:

The dish looked appealing and the sprinkle of parsley added a wee bit of colour.

  • The Benedict – Overall I enjoyed my meal, it came out quick and was hot and tasty.
  • The Potatoes – they were great, just enough to fill you up.
  • The muffins – were nothing out of the ordinary.
  • The eggs – perfectly good. Runny and Warm.
  • The bacon – was okay, nothing stunning but still tasty.
  • The hollandaise – was the best hollandaise I have tasted and it was the best part of the dish.  It was homemade and had a zingy lime zeal to it.

Would we go again?

We would, the food was good, the service was great.


Style: Classic 5/10.  Slightly different with wedges and muffins.

Taste: 6/10. The meal was good, especially the sauce.

Originality: 7/10 – This Bene automatically comes with chunky wedges and muffins. They need to offer the salmon option as well.

Value: 7/10. This cost $18 which is pretty steep for a Benedict on its own but with the ‘side’ of potato wedges this is pretty reasonable.

Eggs: (how good they were): 7/10. Bla

Overall score: 6/10

7 Burma Road, Khandallah, Wellington

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