Cafe Sismo – Christchurch

Cafe Sismo –

Reviewed by Karen – December 2014

The Place:

They have a wide and varied menu.  You can get vegetarian, gluten free, lots of fresh and inviting cabinet food, pancakes and breakfast menu type food including my favoured bene.  They also have a great kid’s menu…..and you can sit inside or outside.  The staff are really friendly here too which is inviting!

The Service:

The food was fast and the staff were friendly.

The presentation:

The dish was well presented with deliberate layering of colour.  The slight sprinkle of parsley cemented the overall look of the dish.

  • The Benedict – I enjoyed this breakfast very much.  There was a good quantity of well cooked food.
  • The Muffins – the english muffins were delicious.
  • The eggs – perfectly good for my tastebuds. Runny and Warm!
  • The Spinach – just the right amount and very tasty.
  • The bacon – was plentiful and yummy.
  • The hollandaise – homemade.  The tell-tale signs was the fact that it was light and runny.  The flavour was great and the runny nature of the sauce kept the dish seemingly light, yet surprisingly full and satisfied.

Would we go again?

Yes, this is a fabulous place to dine.


Style: Classic 7/10.

Taste: 8/10. The taste was yummy.

Originality: 7/10 – It’s the pretty standard selection of either Salmon or Bacon…..but the vegetarian option (mushies and spinach) adds a bit of a unique variation.

Value: 7/10. It’s prices are about average.  The Benedict is $16.50,  the vegetarian is $17.50 and the Montreal is $18.50.  The sides are about $3 a piece which is reasonable.

Eggs: (how good they were): 8/10. The eggs were done just how I like them. Warm and runny.

Overall score: 7/10

35 Riccarton Road, Riccarton, Christchurch

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