Aqaba – Palmerston North

Aqaba –

Reviewed by Karen – April 2014

The Place:

There are multiple menus to choose from.  Basically you can get anything from scrambled eggs to a nice spicy curry.  A cool thing to note is that a number of the meals come in large or small.  Great for the dieting stick insect, only mildly hungry or health conscience. In the winter you can sit near the lovely fire.  There is mainly seating inside, but you can sit outside as well.  The coffee was good, but would not rave about it to my mates.

The Service:

The service was polite.  Although they struggled to get all five of our dishes to the table at the same time, the service was still pretty good

The Presentation:

The dish looks very inviting, and frankly is quite beautiful. The balsamic reduction on the plate looked fab (and tasted fab), actually it looks devine….it just makes the dish look even more appealing and added a bit of panache.  Even the plate itself is pretty groovy.  And to top it off….it’s not your traditional bene ….it was a Kumara and Potato rosti that loosely resembles the bene. The Benedict or in this case the “Rosti”

  • The bacon – was perfect.  It looked good and tasted good.
  • The eggs – or in this case, the egg, was done to perfection.
  • The Rosti – (Kumara and Potato) was flavoursome, crunchy and downright delicious!
  • The Spinach – was tasty and not limpy or soggy.
  • The hollandaise – did the job, but nothing to write home about

Would we go again?

Absolutely, to the point where ….”I would seriously consider never buying the bene again from Aqabar in favour of the ‘Rosti’


Style: Kumara and Potato Rostie 9/10

Taste: 9/10

Originality: 9/10 – You have a number of choices.  The Benedict (with bacon), the Montreal (being a Bene snob – it’s actually a Montreal/Florentine or…..and this is fairly unique – with Cheese and Mushies, plus and wait for it people….the Kumara and Potato Rostie (An oven baked rostie served with baby spinach, a slice of bacon, a poached egg then drizzled with hollandaise)… or you can order the veg version – served with avocado, tomato, spinach, a poached egg then drizzled with hollandaise.

Value: 8/10 The Benedict (with bacon ) or with Mushies and Cheese are both $17, and the Montreal/Florentine (because it has salmon and spinach) is $18 or the Rosti is $17.50.

Eggs: (how good they were): 9/10. In this case, singular, and done to perfection!

Overall score: 9/10

186 Broadway Ave, Palmerston North, 4410

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