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Janus Bakerj – http://www.janus.co.nz/bakery-lower-hutt-1.html

Reviewed by Fi Fi – April 2014

The Place:

You are literally spoilt for choice in this place.  There is a bakery that serves everything from loaves of bread to cookies and even specialty cakes like wedding cakes. There is a separate kids menu which is great for those folk with little ones. There are salads to choose from, but not ones that dieting sticks would approve of as they all come with cheese of some description.  There is a lot of seating inside and out. Although the place has a busy feeling going on there isn’t what I would describe as a cool ‘vibe’. In saying this – they do cater for your pooches and have water bowls outside for your fluffy friend.

The Service:

The service was very average, the staff seemed friendly enough but seemed zoned out …..and the waitress that served us actually looked ‘grubby’.  If I was in America I would sneak out the door and not bother with a tip (rude of me I know).  One thing to note is that you can order ‘sides’ like extra bacon, spinach, hash browns etc but these are not listed as sides in the menu.

The presentation:

The presentation was average.  Nice touch with the way they ‘swished’ the hollandaise on the food and good touch with the parsley, but really nothing to get all tingly about.

  • The Montreal and the Benedict – were forgettable.
  • The bacon – at least the bacon was streaky bacon, shame it was soggy. They really need to consider making this more appetising by cooking it until it’s crispy.
  • The eggs – overdone people, almost bordering on hard boiled…..and ONE egg per piece of bread or half of muffin/bagel.  Benedict/Montreal 101!
  • The salmon – nice but they really skimped on the salmon to the point where I would say this is the least amount of salmon I have ever been given for a Montreal!
  • The hollandaise – straight out of the bottle, and not enough of it.
  • The bagel – the ‘Janus’ bagel which can only mean that it was cooked on site was the nicest part of the dish…..although overkill with the half a pound of butter they piled on it.
  • The Hash browns –  were not very crunchy.
  • The Kranksy’s – they were nice.

Would we go again?

Absolutely not for the Montreal or Benedict.  We would go again for the coffee which was delicious and maybe something like a cookie or slice from the bakery.


Style: Classic 4/10

Taste: 4/10

Originality: 6/10 – You have a number of choices.  The Benedict (with bacon or the ham), the Montreal (salmon), the Florentine (with spinach) or with Asparagus.

Value: 6/10 The Benedict (with bacon or the ham), the Montreal, the Florentine or with Asparagus are all $17 each.  The Kranksky’s and hash browns were extras, can’t remember the price but think they were either $3 or $4 each.

Eggs: (how good they were): 1/10

Overall score: 4/10

700 High Street, Lower Hutt

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