Cafe Villa – Ngaio, Wellington

Cafe Villa –

Reviewed by Fi Fi – January 2014

The Place:

This cafe is in a nice setting.  You can dine inside or outside and there is plenty of seating.  It’s located in the quaint shopping area in Ngaio.  The atmosphere is a friendly family cafe.  This cafe also caters really well for kids.  It’s not just XXX and chips.  Kids can have spaghetti or even fruit salad or a sandwich and I have to mention that they even have kids drinks that are good value.  And they do not have a surcharge on public holidays. Oh the coffee was pretty darn good.  One thing – they need to update their online menu as it is showing old prices.

The Service:

The service was pretty good.  The staff were friendly and they brought out the kid’s food first.  This cafe really understands kids.

The presentation:

As you can see from the photo – the presentation was lovely.  The amount of parsley was a bit overkill, but overall it looked quite inviting.

  • The Benedict and Montreal – were kinda average.
  • The Bacon – was okay.  One noteworthy thing is that you can have the choice of ham or bacon.
  • The salmon – was good but there was not much of it.
  • The bagels – were actually just bagel shaped bread rolls cut in half and piled on top of each other.  I would go as far as to suggest having one egg on each half of the bagel or even  just using sourdough bread like they do for the salmon scrambled eggs.
  • The hollandaise – the saviour for this Bene and Montreal experience is their homemade hollandaise sauce.  It is simply divine.

Would we go again?

Yes we would, but I am going to see if they will let us order our dishes with the sourdough instead of the bagel….or just order something else.   Although the Montreal was pretty pricy, the kids meals were very reasonable.


Style: Classic (with Bagel) 5/10

Taste: 5/10

Originality: 6/10

Value: 4/10.  Very expensive. The Bene or Florentine is $17 and the Montreal is $18 + $4 if you want a hash brown. It’s one of the most expensive cafe’s for Bene and Montreal that we have come across.  Kid’s food is great value though.

Eggs: (how good they were): 6/10.  The eggs were runny and fairly warm.

Overall score: 5/10

61 Ottawa Road, Ngaio, Wellington

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