Cafe Thyme – Johnsonville, Wellington

Cafe Thyme –

Reviewed by Fi Fi – January 2014

The Place:

This cafe is one of my favourites so I fear that my review may be a bit biased.  It is right next to Twiglands garden centre.  You can choose to sit inside or outside.  The coffee is really good.  They have some good options for children.  There is counter food or a blackboard menu.  You order from the counter and choose your own seating. It’s great that you can also bring your dog and they supply water bowls for your fluffy friend.

The Service:

The staff are pleasant, your drinks come out quickly and the food usually doesn’t take very long.

The presentation:

The presentation as you can see from the photos is heavenly.  they take care to make sure your Benedict or Montreal looks appealing.  It has a garnish of a wedge of tomato,  balsamic reduction and a piece of thyme or coriander.

  • The Benedict and Montreal – are great.
  • The Salmon – there is lots of salmon.  The Montreal comes with spinach which actually makes the dish a Montreal/Florentine.
  • The spinach – is cooked to perfection and adds a tasty contrast to the creamy sauce.
  • The bacon – there is a huge pile of bacon, nice but a shame its never crunchy.
  • The Hash browns – come with both dishes and they are crunchy and hot.
  • The eggs – are runny and nice and warm.
  • The bread – the sourdough bread is toasted well and is tasty.
  • The hollandaise –  is not homemade, but plentiful nonetheless.

Would we go again?

Yes, we frequent this cafe quite a bit.


Style: Classic 8/10

Taste: 8/10

Originality: 8/10 – having a Montreal/Florentine with the balsamic reduction and tomato make this dish a winner.

Value: 8/10.  Can’t recall the price, but will update this section once we go there again.  I think the Benedict is $16 and the Montreal is about $17

Eggs: (how good they were): 7/10. One egg was perfect, the other was just so slightly overdone.

Overall score: 8/10

238 Middleton Road, Johnsonville, Wellington

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