Waterfront Cafe – Raumati Beach, Paraparaumu

Waterfront Bar & Kitchen –https://waterfrontbar.co.nz/

Reviewed by FiFi, February 2019

The Place:

There is an amazing amount of seating both indoors and outdoors. There is a wee bit of cabinet food but its really the delectable menu that you should set your sights on.  There are options for all palettes.   You can chose from, pasta, a kids menu, soups, vegetarian,  salads, burgers, free-range, gluten-free and many other scrumptious menu items.  There are two Bene options to chose from.  The Benedict (bacon); or the Hemingway / Montreal (with salmon).  You could also build your own essentially creating a Florentine (spinach).  Sides range from $3 to $4.  The atmosphere is very relaxing and welcoming.

The Service:

The staff were really lovely.  Our coffees came out fast followed by the swift delivery of our meals.

The Presentation:

You could tell that there was plating effort carried out.  The food was positioned to maximise the colours, textures and shapes of the ingredients.  The splash of greenery on the plate gave an injection of freshness to the dish.  Overall, it looked goo, but nothing to squeal about.

  • The Montreal  – the meal was a generous size and tasted good.  I think there needed to be more sauce to amalgamate the ensemble of flavours together more.
  • The Eggs – the free-range eggs were runny and slightly warm.  
  • The Salmon – was lovely but there needed to be slightly more.
  • The potatoes – the sauteed potatoes were a wee bit on the soggy side but overall were okay and a good portion size.
  • The Hollandaise – the house-made was a saffron yellow colour, thick, full of creamy goodness.  Just a shame there was so little of it.
  • The Muffins – toasted perfectly.

 Would We Go Again?

For the food, atmosphere, view and range of menu options – absolutely.


Style: 6/10 – Classic.

Taste: 6/10 – the meal was quite tassty. 

Originality: 5/10 – Nothing offered that isn’t the typical bene options.

Value: 6/10 – the Benes were averagely priced at $17 for the Benedict (bacon) or $19 for the Hemingway / Montreal (salmon) which I thought was quite steep considering the portion size.  Sides range from $3 to $4.

Eggs: 6/10 – were cooked well.

Overall score: 6/10

3 Garden Road, Raumati Beach, Pararparaumu 5032

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