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The Pepe  –

Reviewed by FiFi, January 2018

The Place:
This cafe is a wee gem smack bang on the main road.  If you ever take a trip up to Whitianga then this place is worth stopping for on your way through.  There is seating inside as well as outside the front or on the side with beautiful views of the beach a mere few metres away.  You can sit and dine and breath in the fresh sea air. There is plenty of cabinet food to select from or their menu with an all day breakfast, as well as lunch and dinner.   This is a licensed cafe although I opted for coffee considering it hadn’t struck midday yet.  What caught my eye with the menu is that you could order standard sized Benes or opt for a mini version.  There were three options for the standard with the Montreal (salmon), Benedict (bacon) or Vegetarian (tomato, spinach and mushrooms).  They all came with 2 poached eggs, potato rosti, ciabatta and hollandaise.  The Mini versions came with one egg, rosti and hollandaise with either salmon or bacon.  There was one further option called the ‘breakfast bun’.  It came with a poached egg, bacon, hash brown and hollandaise in a bun.  The coffee and meals were great and this place had a certain seaside charm about it.

The Service:
Our coffees came out quickly and the meals came out at lightening speed.  The waiter was very friendly and chatty.

The Presentation:
The meals were stacked nicely.  I liked the way that all three dishes were dressed slightly differently.The sprinkling of spinach on top of the Montreal added some colour and the way they swirled the hollandaise on the plate added some pizzazz.  The Benedict was complimented with some spinach on top for greenery and tomato relish to the side that gave it more appeal.

  • The Benedict and Montreal and Mini Bene – They were delicious and gobbled down pretty quickly. Our youngster enjoyed partaking in the whole eggs bene deal with his parents.
  • The Eggs – were warm and runny and tasted great.
  • The Bacon – was crispy, tasty and just the right amount.
  • The Salmon – there was an abundance of salmon on the plate.  It was delicious.
  • The Rosti – was piping hot, crispy and tasty.
  • The Spinach – the smidge of spinach added a bit of flavour as well as greenary to the dish.
  • The Hollandaise – there was plenty of it, however it was not homemade.  We reckon this is what let this place down.
  • The Bread – the ciabatta was crunchy and toasted just right.

Would We Go Again?
Yes I would if we were ever up this way again.

Style: 7/10 – Classic with a slight twist – automatically includes a rosti.

Taste: 7/10 – the meals tasted great.

Originality: 8/10 – automatically comes with a rosti and love the fact that you can order a mini version.

Value: 7/10 – the Bene and vegetarian options are $18 and the Montreal is $19.  The minis are $11 for the Bene and $12 for the Montreal.

Eggs: 7/10

Overall score: 7/10

222 Main Road, Tairua 3508

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