Kelburn Cafe – Kelburn, Wellington

Kelburn Cafe –

Reviewed by FiFi, February 2017

The Place:

Set in the heart of Kelburn village this pint-sized cafe has a wee quirkiness about it that draws you in.  Its really compact indoors with too many tables for the space and there are a few tables squashed outside on the teeny deck.  There is a small cabinet offering some tempting looking treats and a small blackboard menu.  There are now three Bene options.  They all come with English muffins, hollandaise, eggs, spinach and either bacon, ham or salmon.  At the time of dining mine came with bread and did not have spinach.

The Service:

The service was terrible actually and nothing like it was when we lived in the area.  After being ignored at the counter for what seemed like an eternity we were finally acknowledged and our order taken.  Even though the place was not very busy our simple breakfast meals took nearly 25 minutes to arrive.

The Presentation:

The simple and plain Montreal was disappointing in appearance.  There was no effort put into plating it up to give it appeal.

  • The Montreal – the simple and plain Montreal lacked substance,  appeal and taste.  Even though there was not a lot of food, I actually left half it uneaten.
  • The Eggs – were luke-warm and not the runny, soft poached eggs I expect.
  • The Salmon – the portion size was as small as the interior of the cafe.  It did however taste okay.
  • The Hollandaise – was the only good thing about the entire meal.  Whilst there was clearly not enough, it did taste good.
  • The Bread – was overdone and instead of being crispy it was rock hard,  cold and frankly tasted stale.

 Would We Go Again?

No I would not.  The food taste and portion size combined with the lack of service has permanently put me off.


Style: 2/10 – Classic – but with little appeal.

Taste: 1/10 – bland and no effort into the creation of this meal.

Originality: 2/10 – I do like the way you have an option of ham or bacon.

Value: 3/10 – for $18.50 it was a bit steep, especially for the portion size.

Eggs: 1/10 – way overcooked.

Overall score: 1/10

87 Upland Road, Kelburn, Wellington

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