The Blue Belle Cafe – Island Bay, Wellington

The Blue belle Cafe –

Reviewed by Fi Fi – June 2015

The Place:

There is little room to swing a handbag in this delightful little hidden gem.  Walk in and you will be mesmerised by the aromas and culinary eye candy.  There is a multitude of options in the cabinet or on the menu.  This cafe is screaming appeal from all five of my senses.   The coffee is scrumptious and the smells are sending me into a wee frenzy!   This cafe is screaming with atmosphere and vibe.  There is seating inside and outside, but in all honesty they need to expand their seating area as this place is buzzing with people and activity!

The Service:

They must have loads of staff working in the kitchen because the food came out insanely quick!  The staff were all very friendly and seemed engaged and genuinely happy to be at work.

The presentation:

The food was plated up nicely, perhaps a wee bit OTT with the swirling of the hollandaise, but overall it looked appealing. The tiny smattering of freshly chopped parsley topped off the plate!

  • The Benedict and Montreal – we were both in awe of the mixture of flavours, there were little layers of perfection throughout the dish such as the butteriness of the roasted tomato, the tiny bit of spinach – enough to give the dish an edge and the mouth-watering hollandaise!
  • The eggs – runny and warm, perfect!
  • The bacon – was crisp and tasty.
  • The salmon – plentiful, challenging the tastebuds with fullness and flavour.
  • The spinach – just a sliver to tease the tastebuds, cooked well, but not soggy.
  • The hash browns – crispy, although not home made.
  • The sausages – flavoursome, not flash, but still tasty.
  • The hollandaise – was homemade and delightful on the tastebuds.
  • The muffins – were okay.

Would we go again?

Yes, I and would also take my follow reviewer Karen here just so that she can partake in this dining experience.


Style: Classic 8/10.

Taste: 10/10. The meal was OMG fantastic.  This has got to be the best Benedict and Montreal we have had to date!!!!!!!

Originality: 9/10 – If you want options, then look no further. You can have your eggs served on brioche, muffin or a gluten free rosti.  Furthermore your choices are bacon, salmon, avocado or ham. All varieties are accompanied with grilled tomatoes with a smidge of spinach under each egg!

Value: 10/10. $16 will get you the Benedict (with either ham or bacon) or the Montreal (with salmon).  Sides ranged from $3.50 to $5 which is pretty standard.

Eggs: (how good they were): 9/10.

Overall score: 9.5/10

148 The Parade, Island Bay, Wellington.

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