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Reviewed by Fi Fi – April 2015

The Place:

The place has a funky vibe when you walk in.  It’s been decorated to look like you have taken a leap back in time to the seventies.  The place is decorated in loud, psychedelic memorabilia, a visual treat for the eye. There is some cabinet food but it almost looks on the stale side.  The menu is huge and varied including gluten free, a kids menu, and vegetarian options.  The seating is aimed for inside, although there are a few spots to eat outside.

The Service:

We are greeted by a nice waitress who hands us menus and informs us that she will be back with water and take our order.  There were only two other parties in the cafe so we figured our food will come out quickly, how wrong we were!  After about 15 minutes we wave the waitress down and order coffees and our food and ask about our water.  The coffees take another 15 minutes to get to us.  The service is extremely slow and disappointing considering there are only a few people in the cafe.  We overhear the customers at the next table who got a huge serve of bacon on their vegetarian pancakes.  The waitress takes their food away and returns 30 seconds later after quickly scraping the bacon off the plate.  They tell the waitress that they don’t just want the bacon removed off the plate because the bacon has contaminated their vegetarian pancakes, and they want fresh pancakes made.  This puts our order backwards whilst the chef makes them a new dish (fair enough too).  We got our food after waiting for over an hour!

The presentation:

Our food arrived without the hollandaise or sides of tiki hash or kransky.  We called the waitress back and I said you cannot have benedict without the hollandaise.  So after a few minutes the waitress came back with a big plate of kransky’s and informed us that they had run out of tiki hash, and the chef was busy making more hollandaise.  The waitress took our meals away.  Ten minutes later the waitress returned with our cold meals covered in hot hollandaise sauce.

  • The Benedict and Montreal – you can order either bacon or ham which was the only good thing about the benedict and the Montreal looked appealing as it automatically came with spinach.
  • The eggs – free-range.  The eggs were ruined by the fact that they were cold so they had gone rather ‘gluggy’.
  • The ham – was basically a few bits of sliced ham from a packet, pretty tasteless.
  • The salmon – was okay, not much of it though.
  • The spinach – was soggy, watery, stalky and cold!
  • The hollandaise – was homemade, and the freshest part of the dish.
  • The bread – the Italian bread was completely cold and soggy!

Would we go again?

Not if you paid me a thousand dollars, seriously this was the worst experience ever!  They just popped our meals under the heating lamps while the chef made up a fresh batch of hollandaise, hence our food came out cold!


Style: Classic 2/10.

Taste: 1/10. The meal was downright awful!

Originality: 2/10 – The one thing I liked about the menu options was that you could have ham or bacon for the bene and there was a vegetarian option with spinach and avocado.

Value: 7/10. – the prices were pretty reasonable. $12.90 for the spinach/avocado option.  $14.90 for the Bene or Montreal.  The sides ranged from $1 for extra sauce to $4.

Eggs: (how good they were): 1/10.

Overall score: 1/10

112 High Street, Lower Hutt.

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