Double Shotz Cafe – Palmerston North

Double Shotz Cafe –

Reviewed by Karen – March 2015

The Place:

This cafe is hidden on Broadway and is a bit of a treasure.  There are just so many cabinet options to chose from, the options are endless and delicious!  You can order pasta, burgers, curries, or loads of breakfast dishes.  There is even a kiddies menu which is great for the little ones.  There are daily specials, gluten free, vegetarian or even high tea!  The seating is aimed for inside, although there are a few wee tables and chairs outside.

The Service:

Our meal was served promptly, politely and with a smile.

The presentation:

The food was plated up nicely and looked inviting.

  • The Benedict – Nothing spectacular, just well prepared, fast and good service, and the taste was good.
  • The eggs – organic, free-range, runny and warm.
  • The bacon – free-range, tasty and good quantity.
  • The Spinach – well it was actually rocket lettuce, and it added colour and freshness to the dish.
  • The hollandaise – was homemade, and an adequate amount of it.  The dish was not drowning.
  • The muffins – were okay.

Would we go again?

We would go back again and would also try other menu food and the cabinet items as well.


Style: Classic 6/10.

Taste: 7/10. The meal was good, nothing special but hot and tasty.

Originality: 7/10 – Their bene comes with tomato and spinach.  Additionally they have an ‘Eggs California’ option which substitutes the bacon with garlic mushrooms and avocado!

Value: 8/10. $17.80 included the tomato and spinach which made my meal very reasonable.  The sides are $3 which is probably the cheapest sides to date. Although not specifically listed this cafe does have ‘salmon’ dishes so I imagine that they would substitute the bacon for salmon.

Eggs: (how good they were): 8/10.

Overall score: 7.5/10

138 The Square, Palmerston North.

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