Spruce Goose – Lyall Bay, Wellington

Spruce Goose – http://www.sprucegoose.net.nz/

Reviewed by Karen and Fi Fi – March 2015

The Place:

There are about 3-4 places outside to sit and upstairs and downstairs inside. This place has a lot of seating and sweeping, uninterrupted views of the ocean. The breakfast menu starts at 7 and goes through to 3.  Then the snack menu kicks in for a couple of hours before the evening menu starts at 5.   There is not actually a separate kids menu but still plenty to choose from.  And at some point you must try the ‘pail’s of ribs or buffalo wings!  One thing that lets’ this place down is the coffee.  Ours was on the really, really bad scale.  The coffee was pale, milky and luke-warm at best.

The Service:

The staff are super friendly and well trained in customer service.  We barely sat down and a waiter came out for our drinks order.  Our coffees came out fast, maybe too fast, they perhaps should have spent more time heating them up.  The service itself could not be faulted.  The waiter who took our orders and collected our plates was fantastic.  His only downfall was that he never explained that during peak times substitutions are not allowed.  The guy at the counter was awesome giving a coffee for free for one of us after there was a slight misunderstanding with the substitution of spinach instead of a tomato.

The presentation:

The dish sadly was not up to our high level of expectation.  It just looked like it was thrown together without any love.

  • The Benedict – Overall the bene was good, just nothing great. i.e. it did not scream ‘come back and try me again’.
  • The Montreal – overall the Montreal was filling and tasty, but nothing overly special.
  • The Hash Browns – these were very filling and you could tell immediately that these were homemade.  They were crunchy, but lacked overall flavour and they were quite greasy.
  • The bread – was ciabatta.  It was pretty good.
  • The eggs – these were perfectly cooked, warm, runny and free-range!
  • The bacon – was okay, nothing stunning and there could have been more of it.
  • The Salmon – this was salmon steaks rather than slices of salmon.  It was thick and chunky and rich!
  • The hollandaise – was homemade.  There was plenty of it and it had an ever so slight zing to it.

Would we go again?

We would for the service, atmosphere and to try something else on the menu, not for the coffee.


Style: Classic 5/10. You could choose Benedict (ham), Montreal (salmon), Florentine (spinach) or Blackstone (Bacon and a tomato).

Taste: 6/10.

Originality: 5/10 – Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Value: 4/10. The Benedict and Florentine are $17, the Blackstone and Montreal are $18.  The sides are quite pricing with a small blob of spinach being $5.  The hash was $4 which was ok.  So ……Montreal with 2 Hashbrowns was $26!!!! And the Blackstone (bacon) minus the tomato plus spinach and 1 hashbrown was $27!!!!

Eggs: (how good they were): 6/10.

Overall score: 6/10

Corner Moa Point Road and Cochrane Street, Lyall Bay, Wellington

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