Nish Cafe – Whitby, Porirua

Nish Cafe –

Reviewed by Fi Fi – January 2015

The Place:

You can sit inside or outside. You might remember this place which used to be known as ‘The Big Orange’.  The cafe was sold last year and they refurbished a pretty bland cafe into a trendy eatery with a wee vibe of its own.  There is lots of delicious looking cabinet food and a good varied blackboard menu. The prices are pretty standard.  What let’s this place down is that there is not a kids menu and they don’t take credit cards (a wee bit backwards for today’s standards and choices of places to eat out there).  A wee saviour is that they do have specials.  Unfortunately the coffee was so bad that I could not bare to drink it all…..and they don’t serve hashbrowns as a side!

The Service:

The service was pretty friendly and the food came out really fast.

The presentation:

The dish looked okay, but not up the the standard I am used to.  To be honest the food looked pretty amateur.

  • The Benedict – was okay, nothing special.
  • The Montreal – there was not a lot of salmon.  It tasted okay though.
  • The bread – was cold, bland and hard. It was so non eventful that we actually did not eat it all.
  • The eggs – were overcooked (not runny) and bordering on the cold side.
  • The Spinach – was okay.
  • The bacon – was actually nice.  There was not a lot of it, but what was served was good.
  • The hollandaise – was homemade and the best part of the dish.

Would we go again?

No, I’m afraid I would not.  Very disappointing.


Style: Classic 5/10.

Taste: 4/10. Bland.

Originality: 4/10

Value: 6/10. It’s pretty reasonable here. The Benedict and the Montreal were both $16.

Eggs: (how good they were): 3/10. They on the cold side and not runny at all.

Overall score: 4/10

25 Newhaven Way, Whitby, Porirua 5024

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