Prefab Cafe – Te Aro, Wellington

Prefab Cafe –

Reviewed by Fi Fi – November 2014

The Place:

You can sit inside or outside. There is heaps of seating here.  You cannot make reservations which is a shame as your first impression is hanging out and waiting in the doorway to be seated…..and we got seated with another couple at our table….not cool! You can hire the place out as well for functions. If you want to dine somewhere quiet then this place is not for you.  Its a busy hub here, but with no real vibe or substance to it, and to be frank its cold and clinical.  You can grab a coffee or chose a wine or beer here.  There is a Saturday only menu or a slightly different one during the week.  There is not a separate kid’s menu but there is still a couple of things that the kids can oder.  They did not have ‘Bene’ options as such, instead you can build from a base of poached eggs and then add on your extras.

The Service:

The service was quick but impersonal.

The presentation:

My dish came out and I was instantly impressed by how fresh and inviting it looked.

  • The Montreal – The salmon was great, other parts of the dish were ok but nothing to write home about.
  • The bread – although the sourdough was homemade and tasty, it was really, really hard to the point where it almost cut into the roof of my mouth.  I did not eat it all.  I did like the way it came with a blob of butter so that you could spread it on or not at all.
  • The eggs – they were okay, almost overdone and on the cooler side for my liking.
  • The Asparagus – was nice but slightly overcooked.
  • The Salmon – at $7 I was expecting something awesome and they did not let me down.  Manuka, smoked and oh so yummy.
  • The hollandaise – very lemony, homemade, tasty.  I also liked the way it came in it’s own little dish.

Would we go again?

Actually, I probably would not unless there was nothing else open.  I thought it was overpriced, a bit too noisy with almost a fakeness about it.


Style: Classic 1/10. You actually had to build your own, it should be a standard item on the menu.

Taste: 5/10. Parts of the dish were good and others were not.

Originality: 2/10 – Get the Bene’s on your menu!

Value: 3/10. Mine came to $28!  Poached eggs and salmon $17 + the asparagus and lemon hollandaise $6 + a potato gratin $5.

Eggs: (how good they were): 3/10. Almost overdone.

Overall score: 3/10

14 Jessie Street, Te Aro, Wellington

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