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Duke Carvell – http://dukecarvell.co.nz

Reviewed by Fi Fi – July 2014

The Place:

In the heart of all of the funky Wellington eateries, in Swan Lane, off Cuba Street is this quaint little cafe tucked away in a corner.  In fact, unless you know it’s there you could easily walk on by and completely miss it.  When we arrived we sat outside and ordered coffees as the waitress had let us know that there would be a 20 minute wait.  In the end we waited less than 10 minutes.  The place is warm and cosy with just the right amount of background noise.   There is not a kiddie’s menu but still plenty for the kids to order.  You can order vegetarian dishes as well.  The kid’s food came out first and quickly which is always a bonus for those with hungry little treasures to feed.  They also gave us all a free drink for a wee stuff up with one of our dining companions meals.

The Service:

The service was fast, friendly and genuine.

The presentation:

The dishes both looked heavenly.  They smelt good, looked good and were mouth watering.

  • The Montrealfor a Montreal fan being dished up salmon steak, hot and smoked instead of slices always adds brownie points.  Yum, simply Yum.
  • The Benedict – the mustard glazed ham literally melted in your mouth.
  • The sour dough – was crunchy and delicious.
  • The eggs – were runny, warm and tasted very fresh.
  • The hollandaise – was tasty and had a lemony zing to it.  Just the right amount of sauce on the food as to not drown it.
  • The rosti – crunchy, hot, tasty…..mmmmmm.
  • The Chorizo – was nice.  Nothing special, but nice nonetheless.

Would we go again?

Yes for the service, the food, the coffee and the atmosphere.


Style: Classic 7/10.  More points for the fact that they used real salmon steaks instead of salmon slices.  Plus I like the way you can build your own bene and substitute anything such as avocado instead of bacon or with bacon.

Taste: 8/10.  Mouth watering.

Originality: 6/10 – It was refreshing to have glazed ham instead of bacon.  There was an abundance of sides to chose from and awesome how you could substitute any of the sides in your been.

Value: 6/10 The two options are the Benedict (with mustard glazed ham) which is $18, or the Montreal for $19. Although not specifically listed on the menu you can actually build a Florentine if you are a vegetarian.  The sides were about average for Wellington with the rosti (2) being $5 and the Chorizo was $5.

Eggs: (how good they were): 8/10. They were runny, warm and tasted great.

Overall score: 8/10

6 Swan Lane, Te Aro, Wellington

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