Ruby’s Cafe – Mana, Porirua

Ruby’s Cafe –

Reviewed by Fi Fi – June 2014

The Place:

Tucked off the main road, and amongst shops and a courtyard is where you will find Ruby’s.  There is seating inside and plenty outside.  The music was far too loud for lunch time dining, we literally had to raise our voices to talk to each other.  It’s lovely outside.  Inside the place needs some serious maintenance such as burnt out lights, broken framed pictures on the wall, ceilings and walls in desperate need of cleaning….and a sign on their wall has put us off coming here again.  It says “We love kids but disruptive children will be asked to leave by management”, I mean ….really?

The Service:

The service was okay.  We did notice that all the staff (except the owners or managers) who looked 15 were young girls with caked on make-up and iddy biddy shorts, to the point where you chose to look away when they bent over or came near your table because you could literally see their bottoms hanging out. They all were wearing little singlets and it was a cold day.  They looked more like Hooters waitresses than urban cafe waitresses.  Not appropriate for a family cafe or for girls so young.

The presentation:

The presentation was great.  The food looked great and tasted great. The chives on the Montreal and the sprouts in the stack made the dishes look just that bit more appealing.

  • The Montreal and Chorizo Stack – were both good, but not mazing by any stretch of the imagination.
  • The salmon – was yummy.  Although it was straight out of the packet, it was still really yummy.
  • The eggs – were runny and done to perfection.
  • The muffin – was good.
  • The Hash Browns – were crunchy and hot.
  • The Chorizo – this was simply delicious.  The medley of flavours made this whole experience worth while. The combination of flavours made the tastebuds tingle with joy.
  • The hollandaise – homemade, runny and divine.

Would we go again?

I would to try the Chorizo stack, not for the service, vibe of the place, poor maintenance or the staff attire.


Style: Classic 5/10.  Chorizo Stack – 9/10.

Taste: 7/10 We enjoyed our meals

Originality: 9/10 – The Montreal was good, the Chorizo Stack was fabulous.

Value: 6/10 The Montreal and Chorizo Stack were both $18.  The sides ranged from $2 to $5.50.

Eggs: (how good they were): 7/10. They were good.

Overall score: 6/10

99 The Esplanade, Mana, Porirua

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