Twisted Tomato Cafe – Point Chevalier, Auckland

4.75 of 5 stars

Reviewed by FiFi, January 2020

The Place:

There is lots of seats indoors and a wee courtyard out the back.    The music was playing at a really pleasant volume so that you could enjoy chatting with your party.  There is a good selection of cabinet food to chose from including vegetarian, Vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and a large blackboard menu.  There are five Bene options to chose from.  The Benedict (bacon); the Karage Chicken, the Vegetarian  (with mushroom and halloumi), the Chicken sage sausage and the Montreal (with salmon).   Sides  range from $2 to $8.  The atmosphere is nice and relaxing.

The Service:

We received exceptionally superb customer service.  The staff who took our order and the wait staff were equally impressive with their welcoming demeanour and engaging dialogue.  Our drinks were delivered pretty quickly.  There was a short wait for our food but considering how packed the place was it arrived in within 20 minutes.

The Presentation:

The earthen pottery plates are the perfect canvas to build the dishes on.  The attention to detail is accentuated with the swirling of the vibrant plum coloured beetroot puree.  The ingredients are carefully spaced out to maximise its impact and appeal.  There is just the right amount of leafy green spinach to compliment the mustardy coloured sauce.  Overall its obvious that the plating has been planned and prepped.

  • The Montreal and Karage Chicken – the meals were mind blowing and full of flavour.  The portion sizes were hearty and decadent. 
  • The Eggs – the eggs were cooked to perfection.  They were runny and warm.  
  • The chicken – the Karage chicken was amazing and there was a good amount.
  • The Salmon – the manauka smoked salmon was smoky and slightly oily, just how I like it.
  • The avocado – there was a generous portion of nutty, buttery avocado.
  • The Potato Croquettes – was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Mmmmm.
  • The Spinach – there was just enough of the sweet, tender green to give some impact to the overall flavour of the dish.
  • The Beetroot Pureethis was a delightful addition to the flavour ensemble as well as added a nice injection of rich, ruby colouring to the dish.
  • The Chicken sage sausages – the side of sausage was simply divine
  • The Hollandaise – the homemade sauce was a symphony of soft, tantalising, creamy flavours.

 Would We Go Again?

Yes we would based on the food, service, pricing and proximity to the zoo.


Style: 9/10 – Classic.

Taste: 9/10 – so many flavours and loved the attention to detail.

Originality: 10/10 – we really liked the Karage Chicken and sausage options.  The beetroot puree added a classy touch to the meals.

Value: 8/10 – the Benes were all $21 each.   Sides  range from $2 to $8.  

Eggs: 9/10 – poached to perfection.

Overall score: 9.5/10 – well deserved high score.

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