Picnic – Wellington


3 of 5 stars

Reviewed by FiFi, July 2018

The Place:

There is quite a bit of indoor seating but in the summer months its the outdoor tables that are coveted.  Set smack back in the middle of Wellingtons stunning Botanical gardens and a stones through from all the roses this cafe has a prime spot for keen brunchers who like to take in the serene surroundings.   There is  a wee selection of freshly made cabinet food to chose from, free-range eggs, a kids menu, vegetarian, gluten-free and a seasonal blackboard menu.  There are three Bene options to chose from.  The Benedict (with ham although you can substitute this for Island Bay Butchery bacon); the Florentine (with spinach) or the Montreal which they call the Pacifica (with salmon).  

The Service:

This place gets silly, super busy during the summer months yet the staff remain cool and friendly.  You consistently get greeted by lovely, patient staff who are happy to have a quick chat whilst serving you.  If you want genuine customer service then this place dishes it up every time.

The Presentation:

I wouldn’t call this a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination.  But at least you can tell they have made an effort.  The warm salmon tint sneaking through underneath the rich, golden yellow hollandaise with the subtle hint of baby rocket shows some thought has gone into the layering.  Overall, it looked nice, tasted great and was very much enjoyed.

  • The Montreal – the aroma hit me before the taste.  My meal was divine. 
  • The Eggs – the free-range eggs were warm and runny.  Just as they should be. 
  • The Salmon – was flaky, oily and full of smoky flavour.
  • The Hashbrowns – the homemade hash browns were tasty 
  • The Hollandaise – the creamy homemade sauce was rich and flavoursome.
  • The Bread – the ciabatta was toasted just right and was lovely and crunchy.

 Would We Go Again?

This is one of Wellingtons worst kept secrets.   The surroundings are stunning and the food is reasonably priced and tasty.  We frequent this place at least once a year and will continue to do so.


Style: 6/10 – Classic.

Taste: 7/10 – the meal tasted delicious.

Originality: 5/10 – pretty much standard offerings here.

Value: 5/10 – the Benes are quite steep really considering the portion sizes are not overly large.  The Benedict (ham or can substitute with bacon) is $18.50; the Florentine (with spinach) is also $18.50 (expensive for a Florentine); and the Montreal or what they refer to as a Pacifica (salmon) is $20.00. Most sides are quite pricy really at $5.50 each.  A side salad will set you back $8 and salmon will cost a hefty $9.  

Eggs: 6/10 – they were done exactly how they should be.

Overall score: 6/10

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