The Borough – Tawa, Wellington

The Borough-

Reviewed by FiFi, June 2018

The Place:

There is ample seating inside as well as two outdoor areas.  This eatery has great street appeal and when I walked in I thought ‘wow’ as its interior is open and modern.  However, it does feel like a dozen interior designers all got to add a bit of their personality in the mix.  Still, modern and funky looking.  They have 2 benes for $16 each to choose from.  The Benedict (bacon) and the Florentine (spinach) but no Montreal (salmon).  they have since updated their menu to include salmon.   There are a number of great things about this place such as kids mornings, steak nights, quiz nights, 2 for 1 nights etc.  The menu offers the usual brunch-time selections including some tasty looking baked goodies.

The Service:

The service did not match the awesomeness of the place.  It felt like we were an inconvenience to be served and the service was slow, cold and clinical.  Perhaps our waitress was in a moody or had a bad day but frankly she was just awful and had no manners.

The Presentation:

The layering of the components was executed beautifully to maximise the overall appeal of the dish.  The round pottery plate created a great foundation to build the dish on.  The shades of green and yellow from the avocado, parsley, lettuce and hollandaise gave the dish a modern, trendy look and feel.

  • The Benedict – was nice but nothing out of the ordinary.
  • The Eggs – were slightly overdone for my liking.
  • The Bacon – there was only a tiny bit of bacon, so minuscule that you can barely see it from the photo.  It was good though.
  • The avocado – was kind of mashed.  For $5 extra it seemed quite steep for the amount I got
  • The Hollandaise – was creamy and tasted lovely and there was just the right amount to compliment the dish.
  • The Muffin – was okay. Nothing exciting here.

 Would We Go Again?

Nope, not if you paid me.  Why not?  I think this place needs to hire staff who actually enjoy serving customers.


Style: 4/10 – Classic.

Taste: 4/10 – the whole dish was okay.

Originality: 4/10 – this was a pretty standard bene.

Value: 7/10 – both options were $16 which was quite reasonable.

Eggs: 4/10 – slightly overdone.

Overall score: 3/10 – the appalling customer service we received let this place down big time.

802/804 High street Epuni Lower Hutt

166 Main Road, Tawa, Wellington.

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