Dirty Habit – San Francisco, USA


2 of 5 stars

Reviewed by FiFi, October 2019

The Place:

This hidden, not so secret haven in the heart of San Fran is on the fifth floor of the motel we stayed at.  There is lots of cosy seating inside as well as a gorgeous patio outside to dine in.  We found the lighting  to be quite dingy for breakfast dining and the air conditioning made it so cold that we nipped back to the room and got a cardy.  I understand that this is an eatery by day and evening but the place morphs in to quite the spot to unwind and have a number of cocktails later on.   There is a good breakfast menu that caters for most palettes.   There is only one Bene option to chose from straight off the menu and that being the Benedict (bacon, although you could potentially substitute this with ham).  In saying this you could try your luck and ask if they would substitute the bacon for spinach (Florentine) as spinach was on the menu in other dishes but not a side.  There was also a Brisket hash with sweet potatoes, poached eggs and freshno peppers so again you could try your luck and ask for hollandaise and voila that makes another Bene option.  Sides were all US $6.00or NZ $9.96.   

The Service:

The staff were nice but the service itself wasn’t.  There were only a few other parties in the cafe so it wasn’t busy.  We had to wave the waiter down in the end to take our orders.  After 30 minutes we started to get nervous that if our meals didn’t turn up soon we would have to forgo them or miss our Uber.  We had to ask 3 times how far away our breakfasts were.

The Presentation:

There was a definite attempt at using all of the real estate on the rustic, earthen pottery dish.  The food was layered well and the sprinkle of parsley added a touch of greenery.   The slither of red pepper gave an injection of colour and an infusion of flavour and colour and contrasted well against the potatoes.   Overall, it looked good, but not amazing.

  • The Benedict– the meals were alright but nothing special.
  • The Eggs – the eggs were still runny but bordering on the cold side.  I think our meals had been in the kitchen going cold and waiting to be delivered.
  • The Bacon – the bacon was salty, flavoursome and there was a good amount.
  • The Potatoes – surprisingly the bene turned up with potatoes.  They were a wee bit soggy but nonetheless they were delicious. 
  • The Hollandaise – house-made sauce melted in your mouth.  i would have liked a tad more.
  • The Muffins – were okay but nothing special.

 Would We Go Again?

I would look for other eateries rather than frequent this place again for a bene……perhaps for a cocktail though.


Style: 4/10 – Classic.

Taste: 3/10 – the meals tasted okay.  Just okay though.

Originality: 5/10 – The Brisket hash would be a great alternative if you could add the hollandaise.

Value: 2/10 – the Benedict (with bacon) and even the Brisket hash were extremely expensive.  They were US $18.00 which equates to NZ $ 29.88.  Sides were all US $6.00or NZ $9.96 which was really, really pricy…..how would you feel about paying $9.96 for an extra egg?

Eggs: 4/10

Overall score: 4/10

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