One Fat Bird – Karori, Wellington

One Fat Bird –

Reviewed by FiFi, December 2018

The Place:

Located on the main drag through Karori, this was my second attempt of checking out their Benes.  The first time was six months prior, however upon arrival I was promptly greeted with a lovely welcome and heads-up that there was at least a 45 minute wait on food so we went elsewhere.  There is an amazing amount of seating inside and a few tables outside.  There are 3 ‘standard’ bene options to select from.  The Benedict (bacon), Florentine (spinach) and Montreal (salmon).  They all come with eggs, hollandaise sauce, fresh chives and balsamic reduction.  A rather original ‘bene’ option is the Coddled eggs which consists of baked giant beans, poached eggs, toasted turkish bread and hollandaise.  There are also dairy-free, gluten-free and vegetarian options. All the sides are $5 which is great for some options and a tad expensive for others.

The Service:

The service was good.  The staff were friendly and our food came out super-fast.

The Presentation:

I thought the plating was pretty amateur.  There was far too much chives, and the balsamic reduction needed to be a splash or dash rather than swirls and twirls.  I personally would have layered the components of this dish rather than sprawl it out across the rustic pottery plate.

  • The Montreal – was okay,  a wee bit overkill with the amount of balsamic and chives.
  • The Eggs – the eggs were slightly overcooked which was really disappointing.
  • The Salmon – was straight out of the packet so nothing special about it.
  • The Hash browns – were okay but nothing special.
  • The Hollandaise – was straight out of the bottle, or if it was home-made then it lacked flavour and integrity.
  • The Bread – was toasted sourdough.  It was crunchy in places and a bit soggy in others, and I left half of it uneaten.

Would We Go Again?

We would not go out of our way to go here again as it was nothing that our local could not offer.


Style: 4/10 – Classic, nothing exciting here.

Taste: 4/10 –  this meal was plain average.

Originality: 7/10 – The benes are standard.  For something a bit different you could try the coddled eggs.  

Value: 6/10 – all 3 options were $18.  This is reasonable for a Montreal (salmon) but really pricy for a Florentine (spinach).  The sides are all $5 which I think is quite steep for some.

Eggs: 3 /10 – overdone

Overall score: 5/10

162 Karori Road, Karori, Wellington 6012

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