Peppermill Delicatessen – Porirua

Peppermill Delicatessen –

Reviewed by Fi Fi – August 2015

The Place:

To my understanding this cafe was recently sold and is now under new management / ownership.  To me it looks like they have put a lick of paint over some of the walls, rearranged some of the shelving and displays, updated their crockery, rehashed their menu and whipped the prices up. You can order food from the cabinet and they have a big selection on their menu.  There is a separate children’s menu which is great if you have little ones, I especially like the option of soft boiled eggs and soldiers.  They also do catering for domestic or commercial such as a work lunch or weddings etc. There is a lot of seating inside but none outside.

The Service:

The service was pleasant, friendly and engaging.

The presentation:

Our dishes looked very presentable.  The plates themselves were pleasing to the eye and somehow added a country look to the dishes.  The food was arranged to maximise the overall look and appeal.

  • The Benedict and Montreal – Both our dishes looked and tasted great.
  • The eggs – the free-range eggs were tasty, runny and warm, mmmm, mmmm.
  • The ham – a couple of great tasting, thick, chunky slices of ham off the bone.
  • The hash brown – was crunchy but lacked any real flavour.
  • The avocado – was just ripe and tasted great.
  • The hollandaise – this sauce was home made, creamy and the best part of the dish.
  • The bread – the sourdough bread was good.  I would suggest a bigger slice though.

Would we go again?

We would, but I would try something else on the menu.


Style: Classic 6/10.

Taste: 6/10. The meal was good, nothing special but hot and tasty.

Originality: 6/10 – Nothing out of the ordinary on the menu here.

Value: 5/10. The Benedict (either streaky bacon or ham off the bone) is $15 or the Montreal (salmon) is $18 and the Vegetarian (tomato relish) is $14.  All sides are $4 which is expensive for some and pretty reasonable for others.  I thought the bene was reasonable but for the size of the meal I thought the Montreal was expensive.

Eggs: (how good they were): 7/10.

Overall score: 6/10

Location: 4 Norrie Street, Porirua

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